Chapter I

The movies on TV

The last stragglers have joined you during the beer pong game and you are now complete. While you jump back and forth between numerous films on the TV, you play one drinking game after the other and the first crates of beer are emptied little by little.

Frederik comes up to you and shows you a piece of paper with a message.

“I drew you a little puzzle in the last 10 minutes, let’s see if you can solve it. Little hint: The solution has to be a number”, he babbles to you and walks outside.

“When you’ve figured it out, come outside too, I have something very important to tell you. But now I have to go around the corner really quick. See you in a minute!”

You can’t get any further?

First Hint

The Emojis symbolise names of movies. You should count the words.

This hint will appear after 5 minutes.


The correct answer is: 16

The Lord of the Rings
Planet of The Apes
Blood Diamond
Snakes on a Plane

The solution will appear after 12 minutes.