Chapter II 

Choose where you want to investigate!

“Frederik has disappeared!”, you yell to the crowd and silence immediately falls. “Okay, with him that’s really not to be trifled with”, says Kimberly.

You can’t call the police

  1. They wouldn’t look for him for the next 48 hours.
  2. You’re all not supposed to be here, there’s a curfew.

You and your friends have to look for him on your own!

In the house you find Frederik’s bag, which he left behind. Look what’s inside of it. This could probably help you with your investigation.

(To investigate just click on the bag)

Where are you looking for Frederik?

Just click on the respective pictures to visit the different locations.

In Frederik’s apartment
(Was he just tired and went home?)

To the gas station
(Did he just go to get cigarettes?)

Around the corner
(He probably had to relieve himself)

You have received a password in all three places. Enter it here with a hyphen to move on.