Chapter II 

Frederik’s apartment

Frederik’s apartment is not particularly tidy, but you have never been here before. He probably forgot to tidy up for once. You search the entire apartment and find a letter on the kitchen table. There is also a pot of old food on the table. But I think the letter is more interesting than the pot.


The letter

Dear Mr. Frederik Niemeier,

we are very pleased to welcome you to the Special Commission. We have already activated your login.

With kind regards

Your Hamburg police department

What does that mean? Frederik at the police?!

The login should be activated… surely, we can find more info on the computer!

Of course, the computer is password protected. How are we supposed to get ahead? The only way to find out what is on the computer, is to get the right password.

The password seems to have 12 characters or numbers….

You can’t get any further?

First Hint

Maybe the word which is underlined could help you.

This hint will appear after 5 minutes.


The solution are the first prime numbers.


The solution will appear after 12 minutes.