Chapter II

Frederik’s wallet

You rush into the gas station! On the floor lies a smartphone and a wallet. How did these things get here, both belong to Frederik.

You roam around the room, but there’s nothing else to find. The security camera is no help for you either, after all you don’t have access to the back rooms.

You search through Frederik’s wallet, it is empty except for one piece of paper with numbers on it.

You take the smartphone… but of course it’s encrypted with a pin. It would really help if we could look at the last messages!

As forgetful as Frederik is, he always had his pin with him!

You can’t get any further?

First Hint

5×5 brings you to your destination 😉


This hint will appear after 5 minutes.


The Solution is: Monkeyswing


To solve this you needed to use the square cipher in the bag. 

The solution will appear after 12 minutes.