Chapter II

Searching for clues around the corner

Around the corner behind the house there is nothing to be seen except a lot of bushes… Where did Frederik go?

He can’t have come far with one shoe! It is wet and freezing cold.

What is that back there? At the end of the wall you can see a gate.

Behind the gate you discover a can. Of course, you wonder how it got there and what’s inside of it.

What was the right combination for the door lock? It’s not a normal lock, that’s clear. The sign next to the handle might help.

Which one of these shapes doesn’t fit the others or the pattern?

You can’t get any further?

First Hint
  • 4 are pink – one is green
  • 4 are squares – one is a circle
  • 4 are large – one is small
  • 4 are outlined – one is not

This hint will appear after 5 minutes.


The solution is Number 1.

The pink, big square with the black outline is the only one which has NO special property. 

The solution will appear after 12 minutes.