Chapter III 

The port police office

You go from office door to office door and look for the right door that leads to Frederik Niemeier’s office.

At the end of the hallway you find his office. So he really does work for the police! Why didn’t he ever tell you that!

You carefully and quietly open the door. Unlocked! That was kind of unexpected. His computer is also still turned on.

A program to search for container parking spaces in the port is open.

Wait, there was something! Frederik was investigating the case of this chemist-murderer. Presumably, he was looking for the location of the container where this guy stores his chemicals and prepares the attacks.

Probably Frederik found this container and something happened to him! We have to hurry up!

How do we find the right parking space as fast as possible?

Next to the computer on the table lies a note with Frederik’s handwriting. This note could indicate the location of the container.

But what does this mess of letters mean? The container locations all have three-digit numbers and no words.

You can’t get any further?

First Hint

Take a pen. Every letter tells you where to go!

This hint will appear after 5 minutes.


Every letter stands for a direction.

Take a pen and follow the directions!

The solution will appear after 12 minutes.